Brittany O'Brien

With a new EP on the way, Matan KG (aka Paper Idol) is delivering a new preview with his new single "James Bond."

The electrifying new track is out on Friday but Paper Idol is giving Variance an early listen ahead of the release. It's the latest glimpse of his Mania Days EP, which is out May 22 via CloudKid.

"'James Bond' is the third chapter of the story in my upcoming EP, Mania Days," says Paper Idol. "It’s a dark comedy about a musician who’s mistaken for a spy and captured by a bloodthirsty double agent. The James Bond films have so many ridiculous tropes, so it was fun to pull apart the story and turn it on its head."

The new song follows Paper Idol's other recent single "Tightrope" and it further proves his knack for creating playful, whimsical music which experiments with varying sounds while not sticking to one particular genre or style. It also comes as the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, has faced numerous delays because of the pandemic, most recently being postponed until October 8.

Hear "James Bond" below.