Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles duo WARBLY JETS recently released a pair of videos for their songs "NASA" and "LOW RESOLUTION," back in November and then last month, respectively.

Today, the duo made up of Samuel Shea and Julien O’neill is taking up behind the scenes in the creation of these clips, allowing fans to see the intimate and creative process that went into the development of both videos. 

"I love the creative process of figuring out how to achieve new sounds--hearing something in my head and working it through in the studio until we find it," says Shea. "These videos give a little bit of a look into how we created 'LOW RESOLUTION' and 'NASA,' with some of the techniques and equipment we used to record the songs."

Regarding the "LOW RESOLUTION" video he says: "One late Friday night I was at the studio trying to write lyrics, and there was a massive party happening in the loft next door. That crowd was spilling into the hallway and the sound was carrying into the studio. Normally that would bother me, but I remembered that a friend had told me when he did some sessions with Mike D (Beastie Boys) that he would hang an SM57 out a window in NYC and record street noise to use."

He continues: "Instead of telling them to be quiet I thought, why not hang a 57 on the doorknob of the front door to the studio and put them on the track! I recorded and layered a few ‘takes’ of the captured sound, and it ended up creating a feeling of being at a party that we loved."

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos below.