Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles-based duo STEEN is making their debut on this first day of April.

Brothers Elijah and Isaiah today premiered their first single called "Red Lights." The track is an intoxicating listen and a worthy introduction, underscored by a brisk guitar base fused with velvet vocals. It was produced by Justin Raisen, whose past collaborations include work across the spectrum with the likes of David Bowie, Sky Ferreira and Charli XCX.

"'Red Lights' is a representation of our destructive patterns and fatal flaws," says STEEN. "This constant motif of 'playing with fire' takes us on a very common path that many of us find ourselves trapped in. A ballad on guilty pleasures and the consequences that follow usually lead us to the harsh reality that there will always be 'fire in the streets' ...but 'it’s alright.'"

Hear "Red Lights" below.