San Fermin, Sorcha Richardson & Lisel, photo courtesy artist

San Fermin has joined forces with Sorcha Richardson and Lisel for a new collaboration.

The trio of acts are together releasing a new song called "Basement Days," which is premiering today on Variance. The enchanting new cut, which is quite simply three minutes of bliss, is part of Brooklyn-based label Better Company's new In This House series, which has set out with an emphasis on facilitating collaboration. The project will include collaborative releases with Wye Oak, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and others in the coming months.

"We started with this angelic sounding loop of Eliza’s (Lisel’s) voice, and I built a song structure on top of that," recalls San Fermin's Ellis Ludwig-Leone. "When Sorcha added her guitar and vocals, it grounded the song in something relatable and real, and then it was just a matter of balancing those two worlds. It felt right, like finding beauty in the everyday rhythms of life."

It's worth noting, Better Company was founded last year by Ludwig-Leone and bandmate Allen Tate in partnership with The Orchard. As with the In This House series, the label itself also has a focus on collaboration.

Hear "Basement Days" below.