JP Dellanno

Newcomer Rudy Touzet is heading into the weekend with a glossy bedroom jam in the form of his new single "Play Me Again."

The tantalizing pop cut is premiering today on Variance, and it finds the 21-year-old singer really owning his musical prowess as the self-described "shy guy" reflects on the feeling you get when you’re with someone and you don't want that moment to end.

"'Play Me Again' was actually just inspired by music," he says of the song. "Using musical elements and words that are tied with music, to describe this feeling of wanting to be put on and have it repeat over and over again."

While Touzet has only released a handful of songs so far, he is quickly proving his talent, with "Play Me Again" showcasing his flair for crafting incredible pop magic, as the song lives up to its title, begging to be put on replay.

Hear "Play Me Again" below.