Photo courtesy artist

After releasing their single "Echoes," British indie four-piece Coral Palms have just surprised us with a colorful music video. The song narrates the frustration of being messed around and knowing all too well what's going down, even though the love perpetrator thinks you're oblivious. The music itself is pure summer vibes—a bright, indie pop banger that will lure you into the dance tent and make you never want to leave. Full of fierce, electric drums, bubbling, indie bass and guitar riffs the track is popping with youth and relatability. The sunshine tune has a darker lyrical theme but a sound that makes you want to jump and dance all night long.

The video is a mix of exoctic colors, angles and emotion in their late night, neon glowing studio. Giving us a chance to witness the talent in full swing, the video is composed of fast moving to slow motion shots, showing us the band in their element. Adding in a tasteful choice of tropical plants, the subtle details sink into your subconscious reminding you of how lively and bright these guys are. Alongside a tasteful array of cinematic and energetic shots, the boys are surrounded by a girl, who teases with moody camera stares and glimpses of her body, showing us the gorgeous, alluring problem that caused the angsty heartbreak in the first place. The video is jam packed with vibrant lights and angles, it's physically impossible to get bored, you are bombarded with intimate shots showing us their musical capabilities not just as individuals but as a band. You can see the chemistry between Coral Palms which makes this video even more additive.