Hailing from Scandinavia, Finnish duo Lalalow unveil the new music video for their latest single “Sensory Deprivation.” Through glowing, colorful tones and hypnotizing visuals, the duo have concocted something which dances between animation and reality. Splashes of neon colors twinkle amidst the midnight backdrop, resulting in the perfect accompaniment for their mellow, serene soundscapes. 

“Sensory Deprivation” touches on feeling isolated, something which singer Nina Jackson struggled with immensely during the pandemic. These emotions then result in not being able to use your senses properly to define what’s real and what’s not, with reality blurring into fantasy. The new video incorporates these mixed emotions, with colors and shapes blending into a beautiful amalgamation. 

Sonically, “Sensory Deprivation” features industrial-tinged electronic melodies, along with alt/rock elements, creating a unique fusion unlike any other. This Finnish duo is onto something special here and we can’t wait to see what else is up their sleeves!