Luke Rogers

After spending much of the past few months hunkered down during quarantine and working on new music, Stephen Day is ready to release a new album.

Original Songs and Sound is officially out on Friday (Nov. 20), but it's premiering today on Variance. The new project follows Day's debut album Guess I’m Grown Now, which arrived just last year.

"At the start of the pandemic, I finally bought a Mac with enough processing power to use Logic efficiently," Day explains. "This was after a conversation with my manager about how the year 2020 would most likely be a wash in terms of touring, festivals, and even getting groups together for studio recording. At that point I couldn’t imagine what such a lengthy quarantine would look like, but the world was shutting down so fast, we knew we had to pivot."

He continues: "I started writing everyday and after about a month or two we chose the five songs that are on the record. Each one of those songs is so different from the next, in terms of songwriting, style, and production. I think that is a testament to me really trusting my gut throughout the whole process. There was a certain pressure suddenly placed on myself that first made me stagnant with anxiety, but once I realized how much time I actually had to make anything however I wanted to the pressure was off. So, ultimately this record is an experiment. It was a learning curve in my career that I decided to put on display. Every ounce of it is me and I think that shines through. It’s my little baby and I’m very proud!"

Hear the full project below.