Mara Friedman

Today, we've got a debut from Cleveland, Ohio trio .wavrunner, who have just released their first official single "uh huh, i like it."

The rowdy track is accompanied by a wild, comedic set of visuals which is also out today and premiering on Variance. And while the song itself is an explosive pop-rap experience, the Gordon Cowie-directed clip really brings it to life, following the boys as they steal a massive haul of gold coins from a leprechaun and subsequently living it up like they're rich, only to later find out that wealth came at a terrifying cost.

"I Like It" samples “Miss Broadway,” a disco hit from 1977," the trio says. "We heard the song on TV and thought, ‘It’s got bounce!’ So, we Shazamed it and ‘uh huh, i like it’ was born.”

.wavrunner is described as a group of young friends who are "chaotic, fun and unapologetically ambitious." All friends since second grade, the group consists of Jack on lead vocals, Griff as co-vocalist and JJ on beats and arrangements.

"uh huh, i like it" was produced by MUTHMATH's Paul Meany, who has also recently collaborated with the likes of twenty one pilots and half•alive.

Check out the video for "uh huh, i like it" below.