Photo courtesy artist

Today we've got great new music from Australia. The duo Audego is introducing their new single "Echelon," which arrives today, premiering on Variance.

The entrancing new cut is a collaboration with Hedsbent. The left-pop offering is the first preview of Audego's upcoming EP. "Echelon" is the code name for the Five Eyes surveillance alliance between Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

"We are living in a strange dystopia where everything we do is monitored and monetised," explains Audego. "As our lives become increasingly digitised, we are increasingly spied on and programmed based on the algorithms of our communication and behaviour, online and offline. We’re passively participating in mind control that perpetuates bias and steers us into intellectual isolation; and we’ve been reduced to data, that exists only to be analysed and exploited by business and governments."

Check out "Echelon" below.