Sad Alex, by Adam Battaglia; photo of gnash, courtesy artist

Earlier this month, Sad Alex and gnash teamed up for a collaborative single called "i'm glad that you found someone." Today, they're releasing a video for the wonderfully petty offering.

The video, which is premiering on Variance, finds Sad Alex happily putting her ex on blast to the city of Los Angeles. It makes for a very relatable experience, instead of taking some kind of high road, simply reflective of that post-breakup angst so many of us know all too well.

“This video is me being the pettiest bitch of all time, trying to get attention—I mean, closure—from my ex Greg. Hope you like it," says Sad Alex of the video itself.

She adds: “There’s this idea that after a breakup you're supposed to be amicable and mature or whatever; well this song is not that. This song is petty. This song is me being hurt and pissed off and drunk and projecting it onto the person that so easily found 'love and happiness' (whatever that is) immediately after me. So here is the anthem you didn't know you needed that will help you give a big and beautiful 'fuck u’ to that person in your life. And their new girlfriend/boyfriend too."

Watch the new video below.