Photo courtesy artist

Dream pop singer and songwriter Xelli Island has released an atmospheric new EP. Entitled Meet Me at the Waterfall, the five-track release features experimental electro pop complete with lush soundscapes and whimsical vocals, creating a vibrant debut. Thematically, Xelli Island poignantly touches upon relatable human experiences such as loss and love in all its forms.

The singer confides, “Sometimes feel quite alien because I feel isolated in the way that I process things, but I know that I’m not, so I write songs in hopes that others can relate to the music.”

For the EP, Xelli Island teamed up with long time collaborator and producer Jon Zott. Opening single “Bad For You” features layered infectious melodies and details how lust can cloud judgment. "02 20 20" on the other hand is all about serendipity and fate.  The euphoric track features rave pop beats, jangly synths that climaxes into a catchy chorus. Perhaps the track though that is closest to the singer’s heart is “I Know I’m Only Dreaming”, the soothing tune is half sung in Tagalog (language of The Philippines) and showcases her lush vocals while also honoring her Filipino heritage.

Meet Me at the Waterfall is as ambitious as it is relatable. Xelli Island has succeeded in crafting a handful of songs that are both unique yet undeniably catchy.