Taken By Tobi

We struck gold when we discovered the new EP from London artist Treasure. A truly masterful release, Nostalgia: The Prelude, features seven tracks, each one a shimmering gemstone, showcasing the songwriters inspiring ability to fuse his love of experimental music, ranging from psychedelic pop, to Jazz and neo-soul. The slow-paced songs emit a hypnotic and therapeutic feeling, allowing you to get lost amid Treasure’s soulful, velvet vocals, cascading synths and splashes of saxophone.

With each song there is something new and unexpected—the raw, acoustic guitar in “Remember Me,” the quirky synths and whistling melodies in “Acceptance” and the warm, cinematic piano in “Let Me.” The entire EP is a unique listening experience, but that’s ultimately what this project is all about—not limiting yourself to a certain genre and letting your creativity take free flow. Treasure is proof of how our minds can do amazing things if we have no boundaries. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of HOMESHAKE and D’Angelo, the EP oozes with a sensual, laid-back atmosphere. It’s the perfect soundtrack to those lazy Sunday mornings, or midnight road trips, enabling you to completely lose yourself in the sound. Treasure wears his heart on his sleeve in Nostalgia: The Prelude. Reminiscing on fond memories and feelings of sentimentality, we get a look into the mind and soul of Treasure, soaking up his abstract imagination and colorful way of life. It’s intoxicating to say the least.

Hear the EP below.