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Danny Goo is reflecting on a dark time in his life with the release of his new song "So in Love."

While the new track, a collaboration with rapper Lil Lotus, is officially out on Friday, it's premiering today on Variance. The Jojo Centineo-produced cut finds the Dallas, Texas native reflecting on an intense breakup and his journey to loving himself again.

"A breakup is like shattered glass," he says of the new song. "You can try to put all the pieces back together, but there will always be pieces that are lost, just out of of sight, leaving you with an incomplete version of what you once had. 'So in Love' is a story about the aftermath of a breakup in my life. It’s about the pain and uncertainty that came with disconnecting from someone I cared about on a deep level, while also coming to terms with the fact that they'd already moved on."

He continues: "These one-sided emotions trapped me in a painful, lonely reality. The ability to love and connect with someone new didn’t feel possible when all my feelings were still longing for the one I’d lost. Something that felt so second nature to me—love—now felt like those missing pieces of broken glass, lost for what felt like forever."

The new song is a preview of Danny Goo's upcoming Feel For You EP, which is expected later this year. It showcases a sound which is unabashedly emotional, embracing early 2000's pop-punk and sharing a lane alongside the likes of fellow heart-on-their-sleeve vocalists such as Post Malone and the late Juice WRLD.

See the video for "So in Love" below.