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Summer might be fading, but Manchester outfit Bad Love is here with a late entry for your favorite new summer jam, courtesy of their new single "A Place For Me."

The self-described sad-boy pop band is releasing the bittersweet new track Thursday but it's premiering today on Variance, showcasing some rather intense emotion with LANY-esque vibes, teeing the group up for a strong second half of 2020 and beyond.

"Everyone has been hurt. Love is often tragedy and heartbreak, it isn’t like in the movies," says the band's Andy Gannon. "This song is about trying to move on and not carry your past with you. I’ve been on both sides, I've pushed people away and messed it all up because I wasn’t in the right place and I've been on the receiving end of someone else’s wrongs. Sometimes it’s about just not wanting to be seen through the lens of a previous love."

As Bad Love continues to make their mark, it's likely "A Place For Me" is just one of many songs you'll hear from these guys in the coming months.

Hear the new track below.