Patient Hands in 'Opening' video

Alexander Stooshinoff (aka Patient Hands) is heading into the weekend with the release of his gripping new song "Opening," the first track from his upcoming album.

The video for the stirring instrumental cut arrived today, premiering on Variance and offering a first glimpse into the Saskatchewan-based ambient songwriter's sophomore album There Are No Graves Here, which he is announcing today and is available for pre-order. It will be released later this year via Japanese label Moorworks, which also recently reissued his debut record Stoic.

"With 'Opening' I tried to capture the feeling of pure potentiality or the openness of a new beginning, even if it comes after tragedy,” says Stooshinoff. “Change isn’t always kind to us, but I wanted this track to be hopeful and confident rather than cynical. It is composed of only two elements, a granulated nylon string guitar track, and a synth bass line.”

The video is actually Toronto photographer Lane Dorsey's directorial debut, after the two artists connected on Instagram and began working together. The video was largely improvised, according to Stooshinoff. 

"We shot it in one afternoon in Toronto while I was there on tour," he recalls. “He wanted to shoot in slow motion with a wide letterbox and we went from there. In it, there's a strange juxtaposition between seeing an acoustic guitar being played and hearing something ostensibly 'electronic,' but in the video I'm actually playing the guitar piece that I later sampled, hinting at the source material.”

Watch the new video below.