Artwork courtesy artist

These days, everyone is figuring out their "new normal," after months of various lockdowns and shutdowns. 

The ongoing health crisis and the isolation of it have literally inspired Rob Gungor's new song, under his moniker Wilderman. Perfectly titled "Cope Trip," the new single is reflective of a world of lockdowns and more questions than answers. 

"When it comes to the pandemic—we are all over it," says Marfa, Texas-based Gungor. "We need to take a trip from time to time, in order to cope. Whether that be irl, on a screen or in our brains. For me, making this song was my own escape during lockdown. Hopefully it does the same for you. P.S. Please just wear a mask and keep standing up for BIPOC. #blacklivesmatter"

The new song follows Gungor's other recent track which was simply called "Isolation," as well as his 2018 album Artifice. "Cope Trip" is officially out Friday but you can hear it now below.