Photo courtesy artist

U.K. singer/songwriter Beth Keeping is known for crafting infectious indie pop songs, stemming from her own personal experiences. Her relatable anthems about life as a twenty-something year old have been resonating with listeners from the U.S to Taiwan, but there are a few standout listeners that have come as a big surprise to the songwriter.

After years of bullying and tormenting by bullies at school, Keeping was amused to find out they now are a fan of her music. Her latest single “Cool Kids” is an ode to those bullies and also a lesson to others, to never let the haters get you down and to be the bigger person and choose peace. 

“Cool Kids” features uplifting melodies and a confident, toe-tapping beat, while her minimalistic arrangements allows her sassy lyrics to tell her own story. Her storytelling songwriting allows listeners to put themselves in Keeping’s shoes. The artist hopes that his track may help others in need, sharing “Whether it's at school or in the workplace, bullying happens when those who are popular or powerful in some way choose to use that power against others. And usually this behaviour is driven by something deeper such as insecurity, peer pressure, personal trauma or having been bullied themselves.”

The brand new visuals for “Cool Kids” are a vibrant and colorful collage of videos taken both before and during lockdown. They deliver a cheerful and effervescent vibe, emphasizing the importance of spreading positivity and love, rather than hate. Keeping shows snippets of her highschool yearbook, along with the words that her bullies would say. She satisfyingly bursts the balloons graffitied with the negative words, ridding of the hate and taking the higher path, with a big smile on her face.