Sodium Films

After recently releasing their addictive new single "These Days," emerging British quartet Marsicans have now shared a video, premiering today on Variance.

Not surprisingly, the newly revealed clip was filmed in separate locations because of the Covid lockdown. And that required some creative tactics and "magic camera trickery," according to the band.

"The idea for the video was constantly evolving throughout the process," says singer James Newbigging. "Due to lockdown measures, we couldn't meet up to shoot the video so we had to film it individually ourselves; which for a song where the chorus is 'I don't wanna go outside' was rather fitting. Our aim was to show the disconnect between ourselves, technology, and the outside world. We set-up our various tripods (and makeshift toilet roll tripods) in our homes and did our best. Our friend Phil at Sodium Films then edited the video together. He conjured up some magic camera trickery which involved filming the footage playing on different kinds of screens, a big lens and some Orwellian flavouring and turned a load of separate homemade clips into a video we really love."

The standout track, which is instantly infectious, is a preview of the indie outfit's upcoming album Ursa Major, which is out Aug. 14 on Killing Moon Records.

Watch the new video below.