Blair LeBlanc

Seán Barna is delivering a powerful new EP called Margaret Thatcher Of The Lower East Side on Friday, but he's giving fans an early listen of the six-song set.

The EP is premiering today on Variance, offering an advanced glimpse of the full project, which was written in the wake of the "national devastation" which was the 2016 election. It comes at a time when the country (and the globe) are facing numerous crises and the November election is already looming.

The message of the new EP is clear, noting that the most potent way to fight back, especially as a queer or marginalized person, is to be "more unapologetic, more fearless, and more of exactly who you are."

"It’s time for all of us to steel ourselves, make an entrance, and make a point, screaming back in opposition to those who would threaten our safety or legislate against our lives," says Barna. "Ironically named for someone who did just that, the album is a call to arms—at one point begging God to “save the scene” and then realizing that the messiah just might be a queer songwriter in Denver."

Margaret Thatcher of the Lower East Side was produced by Seán Barna alongside Dave Drago, with Tommy Sherrod and Kyle Joseph. It features Dave Immerglück of Counting Crows and Camper Van Beethoven, as well as Alex Northrup, Dave Drago, Tommy Sherrod, Margot MacDonald, Andrew Grossman, Alex Tebeleff and Ben Zacharia.

Hear the full project below.