Christina Fiorino

With an EP on the way next month, Michael Desmond (aka Local Nomad) is sharing a preview in the form of his new single "Young Vampires."

The new song is premiering today on Variance, and while it's shimmering with an '80s rock veneer on the surface, it's inspired by something less wonderful, drawing influence from unhealthy relationships and the results of losing that initial spark.

"This song is about becoming the ugliest version of yourself in a relationship," says Desmond. "You’re not necessarily trying to hurt one another, but you end up forgetting the thing that once brought you together... 'Young Vampires' is kind of an oxymoron because based on various films, vampires tend to live forever. They feed off of humans to survive and ultimately live a pretty reclusive lifestyle, only going out at night and sleeping all day. I think it’s comparable to being in an unhealthy relationship."

For Desmond, whose influences include everything from Tears for Fears to Phil Collins, this new song is a glimpse into his upcoming Local Nomad EP, which comes after years being part of various bands and other musical projects. Now focusing on his own endeavors, the new EP, which is out June 19, will reflect on lost love, baseball, death and the hardships of aging.

Hear "Young Vampires" below.