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Singer-songwriter Zander Hawley will be capping the week with the release of his new EP, I Invented Time Travel, a reflective four-song project inspired by a time of new beginnings, love and loss.

The new EP includes the Los Angeles singer's recent single "Redcoats" and it follows his 2017 debut EP as well as his 2018 single "When You See My Heart." 

"This time a year ago, I was landing in New York for my grandfather’s funeral," recalls Hawley. "I didn’t know it but I wouldn’t return to L.A. for months. The journey that followed was full of reflection, happiness, the opposite, but most of all, everything was brand new. I met friends in 2 countries, traveled to 9 on my own, and along the way started formulating the beginnings of what would become I Invented Time Travel."

He adds: "My head swam in themes of forgiveness, rebirth, love, and earning/owning my happiness. To become less fragile, I became more vulnerable. I’m forever grateful to the friends and collaborators who helped me carry myself through."

The full EP is out Friday but you can heard it now below.