Photo courtesy artist

Emerging Los Angeles duo Sour Face is making quite an entrance today with their debut single "Paradise Ain't So Cheap."

The beaming new track is premiering today on Variance, fusing crisp, glossy production with singer Dylan Bond's mesmerizing vocals, which at times showcase a Glass Animals-esque kaleidoscopic effect and seconds later dives into an alt-pop whirlwind in the vein of Sir Sly or flor.

"We’ve been trying to redefine what our perception of paradise is," says Bond. "Like, who is this white bearded man they are telling me is in the sky? Why the hell am I all the way down here in bed with food poisoning from Postmates? Is this paradise?"

Acknowledging the song's context in the current environment, he adds: "There’s a lot of self reflection happening during this time and a lot of different feelings are coming up. We’re just figuring out what’s worth holding on to and what we should be letting go of."

Hear "Paradise Ain't So Cheap" below.