Photo courtesy artist

Born and bred in South Carolina, Cannon has spent the past few years formulating his distinct union of hip/hop meets indie R&B. His latest single "Conversations" is the embodiment of his mission to create smooth, seductive melodies with raw vocals and sleek production. The effortless new release details brushing things under the carpet and pretending that everything is ok, when deep down you know there are problems that need to be fixed. We’re all guilty of the band-aid solution and hoping that things will miraculously fix themselves, but Cannon wants people to stand up and take responsibility for their actions. 

Cannon shares, “There’s a really important difference between talking and having a conversation, whether it’s with ourselves or with others—and this song is emphasizing that difference. It’s easy to talk, but it’s hard to really engage with something enough to actually have a conversation.” The 21-year-old artist has set out to let others know the importance of communication and how simply sitting down and having a conversation is often the remedy to most obstacles, something that nowadays feels alien in a world built upon social media and online presence. "Conversations" disguises it’s somber narrative beneath atmospheric synths, an undeniably catchy chorus and Cannon’s beautifully husky vocals. 

"Conversations" follows the release of his previous single “Stan Smiths” which saw Cannon exploring vibrant electronic sounds, fast-paced, fluid beats and relatable themes. Much of his music focuses on life as a millennial and day to day situations we find ourselves in, providing a lighthearted and familiar feeling for audiences.