Ryan Helleur

Ahead of a new album coming next month, New Zealand outfit Marlin's Dreaming is ready to share a new song called "Outwards Crying." 

The new track is premiering today on Variance in all its kaleidoscopic glory, ahead of the proper release on Friday. The song, which is the latest preview of their upcoming album Quotidian, is a wavy, psychedelic offering with a hint of Tame Impala vibes underscoring it.

"'Outwards Crying' is about my urge to leave my hometown (Dunedin, New Zealand) and change my surroundings," says frontman Semisi Maiai. "'Outwards Crying' is a nature song ... I feel like this is our most heavy song on the upcoming album, not in terms of instrumentation, but more how confronting it is emotionally."

The album is out April 21 and the new song can be heard below.