Photo courtesy artist

A mysterious new artist named On Man shared a new single called "Squares and Triangles" last month. And now, the brooding track has a video to accompany it.

The haunting clip is premiering today on Variance, coming as it seems there's plenty more to come from the unnamed artist, who is described as "one man with many voices, some from his past, some from new collaborators."

"Squares and Triangles. Evens and odds. Shapes that will never interlock. And yet they try," says On Man of the new song. "Unknowable forces compel incompatible edges to collide, crack, crumble. Fault lines expose lies. The inevitable break. The inevitable replacement. A better fit maybe, but something is missing. Those edges. Sometimes I run my tongue over them to feel the texture of the past."

Fans can expect a series of tracks in the coming months before On Man eventually aims to release a full album.

For now, check out the video for "Squares and Triangles" below.