Maria Jose Govea

Newcomers A Is For Arrows are getting a head start on Valentine's Day with their new single "Roses," the title track off their upcoming debut EP.

The glistening new song is premiering today on Variance, marking the Toronto pair's second release to date. It finds them easily fitting in a space alongside the likes of fellow alt-pop acts such as Broods and MARINA.

"The initial demo of 'Roses' poured out of me in 20 minutes," says singer-instrumentalist Alessia Balasbas. "I wrote the song from top to bottom as if it were already in existence and that’s how I knew it was special from the beginning ... It came from such an authentic place—when you first fall in love with a person and everything is perfectly magical and you can envision a beautiful life together."

For his part, guitarist Eric Robbs says: "This song means so much to us. It’s been with us on this journey the whole time and has evolved so much since its inception; I think that’s what makes it special."

Hear "Roses" below.