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San Francisco-based duo NRVS LVRS (pronounced "Nervous Lovers") are heading into the weekend with brand new music.

The two just shared their first single of the year "Only Human," which is premiering today on Variance. And while it's a blissfully frothy offering on its surface, its origins are from a heartfelt if not heartbreaking experience, drawing influence from migrants seeking refuge in America and the pain of being separated from someone you care about.

"The lyrics to 'Only Human' were initially inspired by an account of a Honduran mother who fled her home country to protect her son from the violence there, only to be cruelly separated from him after a dangerous trek to the U.S.," the duo explains of the new song. "As we were working on this EP, we wanted to write in a way where a listener could impart their own experiences and meaning onto the words, so the song is a broader attempt to create a distillation of the ache you feel when you can't be with the one you love."

The new song comes as a preview of the pair's upcoming EP, which they recorded with producer Eric Palmquist (WAVVES, FMLYBND).

Hear "Only Human" below.