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Up-and-coming duo Yes Please are ready to share an addictive new single.

The singer-producer pair, made up of Matt Miggz and apob, are releasing their new track "All the Time" on Thursday, premiering it on Variance. It follows their recent Good Manners, Bad Taste EP, which was released in May.

"For 'All the Time,' we were actually just doing a vocal warm-up in a session and going through some of apob's older beats," says Yes Please of the new track. "Miggz wrote the hook in maybe two minutes, then we went back and started writing and recording 'White Knuckles,' which will come out later this year. Later that day Miggz went into his room and added some drum loops and recorded the vocals; he sent it back to apob who added some 808s and the song was finished by the end of the day. It happened really fast, so the inspiration just came from the rhythm of the demo."

While Yes Please might just now be releasing material of their own officially, they've been in the industry for years and they actually go back even further, having grown up on the same street and making music at 10 years old.

They've co-produced for bands such as Aer, while Miggz dove into photography, working with the likes of Mac Miller, Brent Faiyaz and Mike Dean. Meanwhile, apob has shown his beat-making prowess working with artists like 9th Wonder, Aminé, Ro Ransom and Travis Scott.

In addition to "All the Time," Yes Please is finishing up a few more songs and they ultimately release another EP. They're also planning to produce for other artists under their new Yes Please moniker.

Hear "All the Time" below.