Photo of Donald Glover in 'Atlanta,' by Matthias Clamer

As part of FX's panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, the network confirmed Wednesday the second season of Donald Glover's Atlanta has been written.

Additionally, the series will begin production when Glover finishes shooting the upcoming Han Solo movie, which is expected to be next month. He said in a BBC Radio 1 interview he thinks the new season is "better than the first."

In a separate interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Glover also explained his intention of doing something different with the new episodes. "I don't want to go into season 2 [with the mindset of], 'Enough people liked it so just keep those people,' because then you begin to give your audience a methadone drip of bullshit that keeps them happy as opposed to, 'We did something controversial and more people were interested.'"

As we previously reported, while Atlanta debuted last summer to high viewership and critical acclaim, the second season was delayed because of Glover's busy schedule.