Photos of Löwin's Michael Sanders, courtesy artist

A musician for indie rock band Löwin was shot leaving downtown Austin after a SXSW show over the weekend.

Michael Sanders, who plays guitar for the Austin-based band, was walking home Friday night in a neighborhood just outside of the SXSW festivities after watching a showcase at Hotel Vegas when he says three armed men wearing masks jumped out from behind some bushes and pinned him against a nearby vehicle, stealing his money and phone.

When the thieves darted back toward their car, Sanders began walking in the same direction toward his house, which was nearby. But one of the men quickly turned around and shot him with a handgun, hitting him in his right shoulder.

“It wasn’t as scary as it was matter of fact and surreal,” Sanders told The Austin Chronicle. “My first thought to myself was ‘Oh my god, he shot me.’ My second thought was realizing that it didn’t hurt as bad as I would have expected."

While still bleeding, Sanders made it back home and activated his security alarm. He then used a neighbor's phone to call the police, before being transported via ambulance to nearby Brackenridge Hospital.

The bullet didn't hit any of Sanders' arteries, but it did fracture his humerus. Unfortunately, due to his injury, he won't be able to play during Löwin's three upcoming shows during SXSW. At press time, no suspects have been identified. 

This is not the first instance of violence during SXSW. A person was arrested at the end of last year's event for firing gunshots into the air in a crowded area. In 2014, a man drove through a barricade during SXSW and killed four people, injuring 23 others. 

Löwin said on their Facebook page Sanders' incident luckily resulted in a "best case scenario," but they added: "We'd like to advise all of you that are SXSW-ing to be careful, alert, and walk in groups at the end of the night."