Photo of 'Happy Endings' cast, courtesy ABC

Nearly two years after the cancellation of ABC's beloved comedy Happy Endings, five out of six (soon to be six out of six) of the Happy Endings leads are now available for work as of Friday. So we must ask, can we get that fourth season going now?

NBC on Friday afternoon canceled Elisha Cuthbert's One Big Happy and Casey Wilson's Marry Me, the latter of which was coincidentally created and executive produced by Endings creator (and Wilson's husband) David Caspe. And if the numbers are any indication, Fox will almost certainly be cutting Weird Loners, which co-stars Zachary Knighton and attracted attracted 1.55 million total viewers for its last episode.

Eliza Coupe's comedy Benched was cut by USA Network earlier this year. And although she's booked a five-episode arc on Jason Reitman's upcoming Hulu comedy, Casual, but that's hardly a lifelong commitment.

As we previously reported, Damon Wayans Jr. is walking away from New Girl this season, while Adam Pally opted not to extend his contract on The Mindy Project, which was coincidentally not renewed by Fox. And although Pally has a couple of projects in the works, his schedule seems to be somewhat flexible these days.

So how likely is a revival or some kind of streaming deal? Thanks to an April Fool's gag the Happy Endings writers started earlier this year, Caspe himself addressed the possibility: “The cast wants to do it and the writers want to do it. It wouldn’t shock me if we did something. Never say never because something may pan out in the future.”

That was, of course, before his six leads' schedules suddenly opened up quite a bit.

Now while it's certainly too soon to bring out the champagne and balloons, thanks to the strength of platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and even Yahoo! reviving old shows and getting into the original content business, it definitely wouldn't be out of the question.

One would have to think David Caspe might be emailing a few people right about now. Or at least we'd hope so.

Update (May 11, 2015): Fox has officially canceled Weird Loners.