Photo courtesy artist

Based in the South coast of England, Brighton duo TYDL have forged a sound that helps listeners facilitate their villain energy. Through the tumultuous rollercoaster ride of life, we’re not always able or willing to play the “nice guy” and TYDL are here to remind us that sometimes we need to dig deep into our darker side in order to regain our power, and journey through the tough times. 

Consisting of powerhouse vocalist Rebecca and percussionist Jack, together the two have created a unique sonic world that smashes down genre barriers and provides a musical landscape unlike any other. Taking elements from artists such as Sigrid, Bastille and Avicii and covering genres from electronic, hip-hop, R&B and gospel, the result is something that will ignite your soul. 

Their compelling sound can be heard on their latest EP, Ethereal. The empowering release injects the listener with a newfound sense of strength and self-worth, as the band offer four songs detailing the importance of being true to yourself. Rebecca shares, “I wanted to create music that reflected the part of me that I had lost.”

Known for their relentless and energetic live performances, TYDL are quickly making a name for themselves in the UK. Be sure to check out their new EP, and prepare for a sensory journey unlike any other.