Joey Wasilewski

We've got a new Big Obsession.

On Friday, singer-songwriter Nick Carpenter (aka Medium Build) shared his new song called "Cuz of U," out now via slowplay/Island Records. And we cannot get enough. Oh yes, it's gut-wrenching, emotional and such a tear-jerker. But it's beautiful, earnest and it's an example of what makes music such an irreplaceable art. And for anyone who's ever chased their dreams, had to leave, had to say goodbye to people you love, or felt like a part of you is forever attached to someone a thousand miles away, this song will hit close to home.

"I wrote 'Cuz of U' in November 2022 with Jon Class and Abby Holliday," says Carpenter. "We were talking about our hometowns and the family/friends that we were constantly missing. The places and people we leave behind when we’re pursuing our dreams. We talked about the pride that 'place' has in a heart, and the guilt that comes with leaving. We talked about the intersection of fear (Am I still me if I leave home? Am I still me if I quit music? Are my people still my people if we don’t see one another but a few times a year?), and progress."

He continues: "With inspection, I have come to the conclusion that I am [the] product of much love and shaping. Every friend and collaborator. Every lover. Every hater. This song is a sincere thank you to the people who show up along the way. The knowing you can’t do it alone and the realization that the story is never over."

Carpenter penned that note (and the song) as a love letter to the places he's known and the people he's loved, in his hometown outside of Atlanta, to Nashville and now in Alaska, where he currently resides. The accompanying Joey Wasilewski-directed video for "Cuz of U" features footage of himself and his fans during a series of shows in Alaska, further adding to the sentimental charm. 

Watch below and enjoy.