Whitney Maris Brown

Today, we've got a special new release marking the return of Pete Lawrie Winfield (aka Until The Ribbon Breaks), who on Wednesday shared his new song "Everything Else But Rain," a collaboration with Lucius.

As it turns out, it's an incredible combination, as Winfield dives into his most vulnerable self with brilliant backing from the duo of Lucius. It's the first preview of Until The Ribbon Breaks' new chapter as he is currently in the studio working on his third album, which comes after a self-enforced hiatus with six years of sobriety, something he has been open about in the past.

“During the decade that I was making music, I hadn’t realized the toll it took on me, emotionally and physically," says Winfield. "I started questioning why I put myself through so much, and why I medicated myself so that I could deal with it. The addiction and Until The Ribbon Breaks had become inextricably linked. So, I decided to retire me in that iteration, and see what happens from there.”

He continues: “But there was a problem. I love making things of all kinds, especially music. At that time, performing was not an option. I was a raw nerve, and I could not consider performing without the perceived safety net of substances. I thought producing and writing for other artists was the answer.”

According to Winfield, he opted not to write about "all the things that were happening outside in the wider world," admitting: "Historically, I've enjoyed writing from that angry place, and I’m proud of those songs. But they’re defensive. I’ve never written from a place of love. I always gave myself an out by creating these dystopian, 'Isn't it all fucked?' observations. The thing that surprised me about when I started writing lyrics to 'Everything Else But Rain' is that I had no interest in that. I wanted to write about forgiveness and hope and redemption. I wanted less distance in my writing, and more direct contact.”

The result is our latest Big Obsession pick, and it's a wonderful return from Until The Ribbon Breaks. We can't wait to hear more.