Photos of Billy McFarland & Ja Rule, courtesy Getty

Days after the disastrous outcome of the inaugural Fyre Festival, it appears the Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism is taking steps to ensure Ja Rule and business partner Billy McFarland never host another festival on its islands.

TMZ reported Monday the government was limited in its options to respond to the Fyre fiasco because it was a private event. Therefore, it wasn't until attendees' safety became an issue that officials could step in.

In addition to barring Ja Rule and McFarland from ever doing business in the Bahamas again, the Ministry of Tourism is now planning a "stricter vetting system for future festivals, and it will check in with organizers multiple times during the planning process."

The news comes as on Sunday, a $100 million class-action lawsuit was filed in California, citing "fraud" by Fyre Festival organizers.


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