Photo courtesy Apple Music

Paramore seems to be gearing up to release new music, after months of subtle—and not-so-subtle—hints.

The band recently updated their social media profile pictures to a purple gradient image, before switching it out for a similar graphic but with new artwork partially exposed. To add to fans' excitement, the trio on Tuesday changed the lead image on their iTunes and Apple Music account, now reflective of the band's current roster.

Paramore last summer hinted that former drummer Zac Farro—who furiously left the band with his brother Josh in 2010—was coming back. They officially confirmed his return back in February, along with fresh updates about the upcoming record, which has long been in the works.

Last month, the band registered 12 new songs with ASCAP, suggesting new music would soon be on the way. Their last album was their 2013 self-titled record.

Update: The band's Spotify account has also been updated.

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