Photo of Jay Z courtesy Getty Images for Roc Nation

Jay Z has pulled his solo catalog from Spotify and Apple Music, while leaving his albums on the streaming platform Tidal, which he co-owns.

In a statement, Spotify claimed the removal was "at the request of the artist," although the company provided no further comment.

When Tidal first launched back in 2015, Jay removed his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, from Spotify. He also pulled his Blueprint trilogy from non-Tidal services last year.

At press time, Jay Z's collaborations with R. Kelly and Linkin Park are still on all three platforms, while his full catalog—minus the aforementioned Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint series—remain on Google Play

It isn't clear if this latest move is specifically intended to drive up Tidal subscriptions. A rep for Roc Nation didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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