Photo of Alec Baldwin & Kate McKinnon on 'Saturday Night Live,' by Will Heath

Alec Baldwin is paid merely $1,400 per episode to portray Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

The actor shared the surprising pay in a newly published interview with The New York Times, the president-elect's pretend least-favorite newspaper. In the piece it was also revealed that it now takes just seven minutes for Baldwin to be converted into the former reality television star, with the help of a "dusting of Clinique Stay-Matte powder in honey" and a "hand-stitched wig."

SNL has definitely been getting their money's worth, considering Trump seems to watch the show weekly (sometimes live), just to see how accurately they're portraying him and then proceed to tweet angrily about it.

Baldwin also admitted Trump's election victory was somewhat of a surprise for producers and, because of his upcoming production schedule shooting two films, his appearances may be fewer when the show returns from its midseason hiatus on Jan. 14.

As we previously reported, Baldwin earlier this month won the Critics' Choice Award for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. 


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