Photo of Blake Shelton performing on 'The Voice,' by Tyler Golden

After some of his old tweets resurfaced over the weekend, Blake Shelton has semi-apologized for what he's calling an "inappropriate" sense of humor.

"Wish the dickhead in the next room would either shut or learn some English so I would at least know what he's planning to bomb," the "Boys 'Round Here" singer tweeted in 2011, with another reading: "Standing in line at a coffee shop in LA talking with the man in front of me. He orders a skinny caramel latte. I couldn’t tell he was gay!!!”

Tweets from 2009 declared "If you haven't noticed Richard Simmons is gay, you haven't noticed Katy Perry's boobs." And another: "I'm not gay but I think Ellen is hot! . . . Wait a minute. . . What?!"

Also in the mix: "Grown men who wear Chuck Taylor’s may as well write on their fore head ‘Cucumbers turn me on!!!’” And this blatantly racist gem: "Nothing says ‘Happy 4th of July’ like a airport shuttle brush driver that can’t speak a FUCKING word of English!!! To the terminal Omar!”

“Everyone knows comedy has been a major part of my career and it’s always been out there for anyone to see,” the Voice coach said in a statament on Wednesday. “That said anyone that knows me also knows I have no tolerance for hate of any kind of form.”

He went on to say: "Can my humor at times be inappropriate and immature? Yes. Hateful? Never. That said I deeply apologize to anybody who may have been offended."

Considering many of Shelton's fans likely enjoy such "humor" and are attracted to him because of his lack of political correctness, this spat may not have much overall impact. 

A special preview of The Voice's upcoming 11th season, with Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys debuting at coaches, airs this Sunday after the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

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