Photo of Drake hugging Kevin Durant, courtesy Getty

Kevin Durant says that although he appreciated Drake's recent lyrical shoutout, he wasn't completely surprised because he and the rapper frequently communicate, including via Snapchat. 

"When I have a game, he texts me—or Snapchats me—and we talk about stuff," Durant said in a new video for Genius, in which the NBA star discussed the rap references he's received during his career.

Drake nodded to his buddy Durant on the Views track "Weston Road Flows," declaring: "Shout out to KD, we relate, we get the same attention."

Durant, who earlier this month split from the Oklahoma City Thunder perhaps in favor of an easier route to a championship, also delivered some rather soft commentary on Drizzy's feud with Meek Mill, claiming they "both came with it," calling the back-and-forth "entertainment" because he's "such a huge rap fan." 

While Durant expressed gratitude for mentions from the likes of J. Cole and Wale, as well as support from Jay Z, he didn't acknowledge Lil B, who lifted his five-year curse on the NBA player last week after he signed with the Golden State Warriors (Lil B's favorite team).

It's worth noting, the Genius interview—which is to promote Durant's new sneakers—was likely conducted prior to his decision to abandon the Thunder, as there are multiple casual references to the team during the conversation.

See the full video below. And then just imagine the kind of snaps Drake might actually send Kevin Durant.

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