Photo of Questlove: Getty Images

The Roots have released a new track "It Ain't Fair," featuring Bilal.

The gripping new cut is from the soundtrack to Detroit, Kathryn Bigelow's new film about the 12th Street riot in 1967. The movie focuses on America's history of racial tensions in America.

"This song is the slow burning fire inside all of our souls," Questlove said of the new song. "Watching [Detroit] clearly shows that life in 1967 isn’t that much different in 2017, or 1897 for that matter. We wanted to hit many a bird with one stone: Humanize the pain, confusion and sadness. But also express the overdue anger."

While the film is in theaters on Aug. 4, the soundtrack is out Friday (July 28).

Hear "It Ain't Fair" below.