Photo by Jonathan Vivaas Kise

It's a great weekend to be Norwegian-Kiwi duo of Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith (aka Anna of the North), who on Friday released their gorgeous new single "Someone."

The timing, however, is no coincidence, as Lotterud also contributed vocals to Tyler, the Creator's new song "911 / Mr. Lonely," which arrived Thursday night and also features Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy.

The new music comes as Anna is preparing to release her debut full-length, Lovers, later this year, with "Someone" serving as the second single from the album, which is out Sept. 8 on Honeymoon / +1 Records / Different Recordings.

According to the singer, "Someone" is about "how easy it is to break your promises when you’ve had a couple of drinks," she says, adding: "Going deeper, the song is about accepting that you’re only human and to learn how to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and accepting that sometimes we need someone to save us from repeating any old habits."

Listen to "Someone" below and "911 / Mr. Lonely" here.