Photo of Matt and Kim by Matt Miller

Matt and Kim closed out their second weekend of Coachella with a new EP called We Were the Weirdos, which was released Sunday night.

“We took three months off over the winter, the longest break we’ve ever taken since we started the band," singer Matt Johnson said in a statement tonight. "They say absences making the heart grow fonder, and when we got back on the road a few weeks ago we felt so f*ckin’ inspired! Like we were a new band! You have to ACT on inspiration or it’ll slip through your fingers, and then we were charged up even MORE from 1st weekend of Coachella. I’m so proud of how raw and real these songs are going to be, I really believe there is something special here…”

The duo's new music comes ahead of their summer run supporting Ellie Goulding on tour in addition to a series of festival stops.

Hear the new EP below.