Days after their icy Grammys appearance, The Civil Wars have unveiled new music. The duo comprised of Joy Williams and John Paul White on Wednesday unleashed "Long Time Gone," a collaboration with T Bone Burnett. It is the first of 14 tracks on the A Place At The Table soundtrack, featuring original songs and music by The Civil Wars and Burnett. The soundtrack releases Feb. 26.

Coinciding with the soundtrack’s release, the full-length documentary (distributed by Magnolia Pictures) will be released March 1 in theatres nationwide as well as on iTunes and On Demand. Created by Participant Media and co-directed by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush, A Place At The Table focuses on the hunger crisis in America.

Of the project, Williams said, “Being a part of A Place At The Table opened my eyes to an epidemic that is happening in our country right now—underneath many of our noses. It’s happening to our neighbors, to our friends, to children." White added: "We were already intrigued by the prospect of working with [Burnett], but as he laid out the scope of the film, it became apparent that the endeavor was more worthwhile than imagined. It hit home extremely hard for me; as a very young husband and father, I was a part of the WIC and food stamps program. I don’t like to dwell much on the past, but I hate to think where I would be without those programs. There were times that the only food on the table was a result of our enrollment. This contributes greatly to my deep attachment to this project. I’m thrilled to have had a small part in a film that exposes and highlights a pervasive problem right here at home. I’m excited about the dialogue that it creates, and the improvement of the lives affected.”

How this latest project affects The Civil Wars' own future remains to be seen.

Listen to "Long Time Gone" below: