After what seems like forever, sister trio HAIM has announced the release of its debut album, Days are Gone. The set will arrive on Sept. 30 via Columbia.

The band has been a consistently bright force throughout the past year, touring the globe, attracting critical acclaim and opening for acts like Vampire Weekend, all without having released a proper LP. We wouldn't be surprised if the album release spurs a similar result as last year's Night Visions debut by Imagine Dragons, which released in the fourth quarter of 2012 and has propelled the Las Vegas band this year onto the mainstream music radar.

This news follows last week's official studio release of the band's popular track "The Wire," which will be included on the album (artwork seen left).

Update: You can also listen to the album version of "Let Me Go" below:


Full tracklist:

01 “Falling”
02 “Forever”
03 “The Wire”
04 “If I Could Change Your Mind”
05 “Honey & I”
06 “Don’t Save Me”
07 “Days Are Gone”
08 “My Song 5″
09 “Go Slow”
10 “Let Me Go”
11 “Running If You Call My Name”