SOHN's debut album, Tremors, is streaming a full week ahead of its proper release next Tuesday (April 8).

Listen to Tremors here via iTunes Radio First Play.

Following his breakthrough tracks such as "The Wheel," "Bloodflows" and "Lessons," the British songwriter-produced has said he adopted a night-time schedule for an intense period of long nights writing and recording the 11-track set in his Vienna studio.

"I wanted Tremors to feel like fresh air," SOHN previously said of the record. "There's something about the way I was working overnight on the album which found its way into the sound. Every night I worked finished with a cold sunrise and a walk home... and to me that's what Tremors sounds like."

SOHN has established himself significantly over the past year as a producer and songwriter, working on singles for the likes of BANKS and Kwabs, with additional collaborations set to be forthcoming.