Photo by Michael Sederious

Emerging British crooner Vicktor Taiwò has unveiled a breathtaking new track "Feathers & Wax," which offers fans a glimpse of his upcoming debut EP, Juno.

The five-track EP is out June 16, but this new cut is a mesmerizing four minutes, as Taiwò leans on his incredible vocal prowess supported by delicate instrumentation and production, brilliantly described by the singer as "cuddlecore folktronica."

Regarding the EP, the Nigeria-native says: "This project will always be reminiscent to me of the growing pains of a young boy, from the subject matter to the creation and exploration of the music itself. It was in many ways unconscious, uncontrollable but inevitable ... I hope that you can share with me the joys of growth, the beauty of imperfection and un-decidedness.”

Taiwò is expected to announce U.S. shows soon, but you can get lost in "Feathers & Wax" below in the meantime.