Photo of Porcelain Raft by Malia James

As Italian musician Mauro Remiddi (aka Porcelain Raft) prepares to release his Half Awake EP on June 2, he's shared the title track. And it's a beauty.

The delicate cut finds Remiddi's lush vocals wrapped in a savory bass line, creating a glorious dreamscape.

"Just before we wake up, when we are half awake, our left brain is pushing the subconscious back in the basement," Remiddi said of the track. "For a few seconds, we see without thinking. In this song, my subconscious didn't go back in the basement. It's about coming to terms with yourself, [but] I realized how priceless it is to have someone special to share everything with. In this song, I'm sailing toward the loved one."

The Los Angeles-based artist will release Half Awake digitally and on limited-edition cassettes via his own Volcanic Field record label.

Click here to pre-order the EP and get lost in "Half Awake" below.