Photo of Julius courtesy artist

A month after releasing his new track "Ocean Blue," emerging composer-vocalist Julius has shared a new rework of the track featuring Boston rapper Michael Christmas.

"Sometimes you fall in love with someone who doesn't love you back," Julius previously said of the song. "You can try to win her over by buying her lots of nice things, and you may even succeed for a while. But you'll never fully have her if she wasn't meant to love you in the first place, and sooner or later you will lose her."

Coming off his own recent standout "Home," Christmas "adds some dark humor," says Julius. "His particular resigned-yet-hopeful take on this adds a whole different shade to the moodiness of ‘Ocean Blue.'”

It's a brilliant pairing that hopefully shadows even more great material from each artist in the coming months.

Listen to the new version of "Ocean Blue" below.